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Sunday, July 24, 2016

June 6, 2016


This past week has been full of awesomeness! Not to mention, the weather here is fantastic!!! We are hitting almost 30 degrees every day! So, in the mid 70s all week! But SUPER humid!! But it is flipin sweet!!! We have had the chance to do so much this past week! And the Lord is showering his blessings down upon us! Truly it is a case of asking in faith and having a knowledge that you will receive! This week I am going to try something a little bit different and just go over some highlights of the week! Any empty spaces in the schedule are just filled with GQ-ing, so I am getting tired of writing that all the time! So here we go!!!

MONDAY - Monday was just email day since it was moves week this week! So we emailed and then we went up to Portrush to do some GQ-ing! It was so beautiful! So amazing! You would not think that you were in Ireland if you were at Portrush when we were! It was so amazing! We talked to a lot of really nice people, and handed out some cards and things, but we didn't get any return appointments. So we just headed back and then we headed to family home evening! It was a blast! This week, we actually won the quiz! It is usually men vs. women, and the women always win, but we won this week! Woo!!! We also shared a spiritual thought about how we can become true disciples of Christ. We used the example of Alma the Younger and Captain Moroni. How they were both amazing men of God, and how the very powers of hell shake before them! It was a really good lesson!

TUESDAY - Tuesday we had our P-Day. Since Elder Richards and I are staying. We went up to the Mountsandel Fort. Which is very misleading. It is not a fort at all. It is in fact a giant hill, with a hole in the top. Like a grassy volcano. It was really beautiful up there, but I was expecting a real fort. 'Twas awesome nonetheless. Then we just chilled the rest of the day outside! Gotta make the most of this weather! And then we went and visited Tommy, who is doing well. He is pretty cheeky, but he is a great guy.

WEDNESDAY - We were finding a good chunk of the day, but we did have a dinner appointment at Sister Dunn's house again. That was super good. She is a dang good chef. She makes the best food.  After that, we went over to Isobel's house and met with her parents and her. It was a pretty good meeting. Isobel has a nice family. Wold told them how our sole purpose is to bring people closer to Christ. Whether that be to the point of baptism now, or later. We shared our testimonies on how we love seeing people grow closer to the Master. It was such a great meeting! Testimonies on both sides were shared, and the Spirit was present during such.

THURSDAY - Thursday we were in Belfast on an exchange with the AP's. It was awesome!! The weather was spectacular! I was with Elder Penman. Our exchange was awesome!!! We taught a recent convert and that lesson was good. But the best was finding. We talked to some super great people, and we were able to set up some good appointments for the Belfast Elders. After the exchange, we went and taught James at Boojum's. (Which was a win win experience) then we headed back to our area and had Book of Mormon class. Which went pretty well.

FRIDAY - We had Weekly Planning and then we went to go visit Trevor. Trevor was super good! He was stoked to come out to church with us and told us he was excited to start listening to the Book of Mormon. It was a good meeting! After that we went and tried by John and Paul. But they werent in.

SATURDAY- Saturday we helped a member do some sheep herding! It was awesome! We helped them gather them all up and then treat them with some medicine and things like that, so it was pretty great! The member's farm is in one of the 9 glens of Antrim, and it was really beautiful! Like,  really beautiful! I will attach a picture! I was able to understand more fully why the Savior refers to us as 'sheep' in the New Testament. We are so much like them in a spiritual sense! After that, we went and taught Isobel, and that was a good lesson! We answered some more of her questions and helped her see how she can keep progressing! She is excited to come to church with us soon! So that was awesome! Then we went and taught James the Plan of Salvation at the church! It was a really good lesson! He couldn't get over how there was no Hell in the plan! He kept saying, "This is too merciful. There HAS to be a hell!" But we assured him that there was no hell in the sense that he was thinking. In the sense of fire and chains and whips and lava and stuff. We taught that hell is a state of mind. So that was a dang good lesson! 

SUNDAY - We had church. Which was awesome! Super spiritual! It was great! So many testimonies were shared. It was probably one of the most spiritual testimony meetings that I have been in on my mission! It was super solid! The rest of the day went pretty good as well. President Culbertson gave us a referral to go try by a less active family. When we go to the door, she answered and we told her who we were and she said that she was actually going to call us soon because her son just turned 8 and she wants him to learn and be baptised! It was such a miracle! 
Well, that was our week! It was amazing! We are seeing the fulfillment of the Lord's promise that if we ask in faith, and do our part, He will answer our prayers, and we will accomplish great things.

Till the Work is Done

- Elder Mickelsen

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