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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

June 27, 2016

Hello everyone! This week was really amazing! We saw a lot of amazing things happen this week! 

MONDAY - Monday was P-Day. We headed up to Portrush, and visited the Royal Portrush Golf Course! That was pretty awesome! It was really nice! We then did a three mile hike up to Dunluce Castle, which was super legit! It is the ruins of a castle, right on the edge of a cliff face! It was awesome! After we came back from the castle, we headed to FHE, where we destroyed the quiz, and came away the victors! And then we headed home for bed! Super exhausting, but incredible day!

TUESDAY - Tuesday we had DM, which was really good. We had the Zone Leaders and the STL's there, so it was a huge DM! It was actually one of the best I have ever been to! After DM, we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders! I was with Elder Salinas, and we started off the day with some Boojums. So good! And then we went and did some finding in the town center! It was really awesome! We taught a guy named Aaron, and as well as met with a recent convert named Emma. It was a pretty solid day. We spent the night with the Zone Leaders.

WEDNESDAY - Wednesday was pretty good. We headed back to Coleraine first thing in the morning, so we got back to our area nice and early. We did some GQ-ing for a bit and then we had some lunch. After that we did some more finding!

THURSDAY - We did some street contacting in the morning. We got stopped by this crazy drunk guy who was like, "Are you Mormon?" and we were like, "Ya!" and then he says, "Follow me." and so he takes us to his apartment, and then proceeds to smoke about 5 cigarettes, and drink a whole 2 liter bottle of cider during the 45 minutes we were with him. Then he started smoking all of his cigarette butts. Then he kept asking me to sing for him since he said I was from the backwoods and must be a country singer. So Elder Richards is like, "Ya, Elder Mickelsen! Sing!!!" And I am all like, "No." So luckily we got out of that situation! Then he told us that he sees dead people and that he talks to demons all night sometimes. Then he told us that the Lord is his Shepard, he shall not want. He also told us his name was Emmanuel, so that was weird too. The best part is when Elder Richards was saying the colsing prayer, he fell to his knees, and starts screaming, "IM SHAKING, IM SHAKING!!! KEEP GOING, KEEP GOING!!!!!" So Elder Richards audibly sighs, and then says a few more things and closes the prayer. During this time he has also grabbed my hand as well. Then once it was done, he was like, "That was short" and so we booked it out of there. Hopefully never to run into that guy again! But it was pretty weird! And then we taught Isobel. She is doing really well. We had a really good Plan of Salvation lesson with her! She committed to read the Book of Mormon with more of an open mind, so that is great! After that, we headed to a lesson with James. We taught James with Andrew, and it was a really solid lesson. It was pretty great! James committed to live the big 3 commandments! It was a pretty awesome lesson! We were also soaking wet during the lesson, and we had to teach it with no shoes because we were drying them in another room. After that, we had BoM class, which was good, and then we headed home for the night.

FRIDAY - We went and visited Alwyn, and that was a good lesson. Then after, we rode our backs a few miles in a rain storm and got absolutely drenched. #SIMLIFE. Then we went to go visit Trevor. That was really good. Trevor is such a nice guy! He is the best! After Trevor, we went to see John, and that was a good lesson as well. John is going to Scotland soon for a while, so we are trying to get him that spiritual boost before he goes!

SATURDAY - We had some weekly planning, and then we met with Isobel. She is going on holiday for all of July, so we taught her a few quick things and then said goodbye for a while. So, hopefully we can meet up again when she gets back! After that, we went over to visit Tommy and that was an okay lesson. The Euro2016 is on, and it was a Northern Ireland game, so he was more focused on that. So we watched a bit with him, and then offered some service. And then we went to the church and finished some paperwork.

SUNDAY - Sunday was good. We didn't have anyone at church, which made us sad, but the rest of sunday was good. We went and taught a recent convert, and then we did some finding for the rest of the night. But that was about it for Sunday.

Well, that was my week! Something I just wanna share really quick. So, this past week, I have started to read to New Testament, and something that stood out to me is the Parable of the Sower. The thing that I have been thinking about is, "What kind of soil do I have? Do I have good soil? Am I rocky soil?? Are there to many thorns in my soil?? Or am I just the wayside?? We need to continually do some spiritual gardening, if you will, to ensure that we keep our soil in tiptop shape. So that we may bring forth an hundred fold. Even as the Savior has said.
Love you all!

Till the Work is Done

- Elder Mickelsen        

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