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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July 25, 2016

This week was pretty good! It was a bit slow, but we still enjoyed it! We had a lot of time to go finding, so that was pretty fun. This update might be a bit short, so we'll see how it goes!

Monday - was P-Day, so we did the usual thing. After we emailed, we went over to ASDA, and then we went with Gary to play Risk at the church. We also played a bit of footbal in the church parking lot. Nothing too strenuous, just some good fun. It was awesome! But after that, we headed over to family home evening, where we dominated the quiz again, so that was really baller! It was great! We have such a good time at Family Home Evening. It is a really good opportunity we have to build relationships with the members. So that was really fun.

Tuesday - we had DM, and it was sweltering outside! It was so hot! Like, not back home hot, or surface of the sun hot, but it was Irish hot. Which is pretty bad since we had about 95% humidity. So it was boderline awful. Luckily we were inside the church and on the train for the hottest part, but the rest of the day was really beautiful! So I enjoyed it thoroughly! We had a few try by's after DM, so we did those, and then a meeting that we were supposed to go to got cancelled, so we went finding. Then we went over to the church to teach James. We answered a lot of his questions, and he said he would follow through on his commitments. So it was a really solid lesson. We also set a record for riding our bikes from the church to the flat!! We did it in 6 mins!!! It was really great! My bike wouldn't shift though, so we are gonna try and get it faster this week! After that, we had some dinner and then headed to bed!

Wednesday - We taught Trevor in the morning, and that was really good! He also feed us a ton of food too!! Trevor is like the most solid, humble guy I have ever met! He is really good!!! The lesson went well. We read the Book of Mormon with him. After that, we pretty much went finding all day. We met some nice people! It has been really good!

Thursday - We did our Weekly Planning, and we set some goals! I am excited for these goals!!!! They are gonna be so great!!!!! We are gonna crush it this week!!! After that We did some finding for a few hours, and then went and visited John! So, that was awesome! We had a good chat, and then we gave him a blessing since he is leaving for Scotland in a few days, and that would be the last time we saw him. We also got some pictures with him, so that was awesome! After that, we went over to the church to teach the Book of Mormon class, but no one came since most everybody is on holiday. So, we filled out our progress report and then called it a day.

Friday - we went finding all day. We had intended to try by a less active, but he wasn't in, so we had more time for finding. That was awesome! We had a Bible bash with a drunk man. And we got out of it when I offered him a sandwhich and then he got mad and walked off saying that we weren't listening to him. There was this tractor show where all of these old guys on old tractors blazed into town playing oldies music and then they had a display for a bit, so that was really cool to see. They are not as cool looking as American tractors, but still good! As well as, a random Indian guy told Elder Richards that he shouldn't drink fizzy drinks because they are bad for you. Then he walked off. So that was really hilarious.

Saturday - We started off by going finding. And we got into a really long discussion with a member of the Vineyard church, who are really Born Again, and he was kind of bashing with us. So we talked to him for a bit, and then we did some finding. We then snagged some lunch, and went back out finding. Not much success there. But we did get a referral, but he wasn't in. So that was a bummer. But then we traveled out to Alwyn's house to teach him. It was a really good lesson. We have been really focusing on family history and temples with him, so it was really good. Alwyn is just a really good guy in general. So that was awesome! After that, we headed home for the night.

Sunday - We had church, which went well. Elder Richards and I blessed the Sacrament, and we also had a few visitors at church! No investigators, but it was nice to see more than 30 people at church. Sacrament meeting was good. It was all about making sure we are able and ready to share the gospel with others. Then we had Sunday School, and then priesthood. Andrew had me play The Spirit of God for the opening hymn so he wouldn't have to stretch his lesson too long, so that went alright. That was the first time I played that for people to sing to! After church, we did some area book finding and reorganizing, and then we went up to visit Trevor again. Super solid visit. I really enjoyed it. Then we returned home.

Well, sorry this week was kind of boring! Next week it will be better! Haha! I know that the Lord is in this work! I read this scripture this morning in studies, and I realized how true it is! It is when one of the leaders of the Sanhedrin tells the High Priests to leave the Apostles alone.

38: And now I say unto you, Refrain from these men, and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to naught:

39: But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God.

This work is of God. Not of men. It will go forth, and nothing will get in its way. The designs and purposes of God will not be frustrated!

--Till the Work is Done

- Elder Mickelsen

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