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Sunday, July 24, 2016

June 13, 2016

Hello everyone! Again! This past week has been pretty awesome! We have had lots of things happen! Unfortunately, I didn't have a planner this week because we are waiting on a supply order, so this update is all from memory! Wish me luck! 

MONDAY - Monday was P-day! It was pretty intense! We did our normal emailing thing, but we also received a referral from a member who was at the church when we arrived. She was cleaning the windows when this random polish lady came in and said she loved everything about the church. The member tried to find a Book of Mormon in Polish since the lady did not speak hardly any English, but to no avail. She gave the lady her number, and then we rolled up right after she left. So the member told us the story. She only got her name and the street she lives on. But no phone number, or house number. So we will have to do some hunting. Later in the week we would end up getting lost trying to find this lady. And we are still at this present moment trying to find the house. So that is going well. Then we went and taught Owen, the recent convert who just moved in. We rode all the way out to his house from Ballymoney, which is about 2 miles. But the sun was blaring and the humidity was real. I thought I was going to die during the last hill. But then we arrive and had some ice cream, so it was all good. After Owen, we rode out to family home evening, and that was really fun! We actually won the quiz this time! They split the missionaries up since we were sitting on opposite sides of the room, but I was on the winning team! Woo! But that was Monday.

TUESDAY - Tuesday we had District Meeting. It was pretty great. One of the most solid DM's I have ever had. We went over our goals for this coming transfer, and Elder Richards and I gave an instruction on the ward missionary process and about the many miracles we are seeing from implementing it in our area. After DM, we headed back to Coleraine, stopping for a Boojum's of course, and then picked up the work right where we left off in our area. EXCEPT FOR THE GIANT FLIPPING THUNDERSTORM THAT CAME OUT OF NOWHERE AND DRENCHED US FROM HEAD TO TOE IN ABOUT .00000002 SECONDS. It was pretty awesome! I missed thunderstorms so much!!! It was amazing!!! We also had a Branch Council meeting that went okay. Elder Richards and I were able to introduce the Ward Mission Process more fully, and get everybody backing it! It was really awesome!!! 

WEDNESDAY - Wednesday we taught Isobel. That was pretty good. We taught her more about the Book of Mormon and the necessity for a restoration of the Gospel. After Isobel, we taught James. James is so solid. He will have a baptismal date this week! We know it! He had to attend his church this week, so we had to move his date from the 18th, but James will get baptised! He loved the gospel of Jesus Christ lesson, and he is almost done with Mosiah in the Book of Mormon! It is amazing!!! That was Wednesday.

THURDSAY- We had weekly planning, and then we taught Paul. Paul is doing okay. He will progress eventually, but we are not sure if it is his time for missionaries. Afterwards, we taught Book of Mormon class. That was pretty solid. That is really all I remember from Thursday.

FRIDAY- Friday was pretty cool. We did finding, and then the Newtonabbey Elders came up for an exchange. I was with Elder Benton. It was a great exchange. We taught Trevor, and also did some finding. We also went to a gourmet burger place and it was dang good. Elder Furko and Elder Richards were so jealous! But it was an awesome day!

SATURDAY - Saturday we were still on echange, and Elder Benton and I basically went finding all day. We found a few potentials, and then we sent the Elders back to Newtonabbey. It was a pretty great day. Then Elder Richards and I did some more finding.

SUNDAY - Sunday we went to church and we met Sharon! Sharon was street contacted in Belfast by some missionaries, and told them that she lives in Coleraine. SO they gave her our church address and she came to church. It was awesome! She felt the spirit and said that she really loved the service. She was even teary eyed a few times, so that was great! We gave her a BoM, and then we got her information, and we should be able to start meeting with her more this week! Woo! The rest of church went well. Elder Richards and I taught the Elders Quorum lesson. And it was pretty good. We had a good discussion, and there was lots of particiaption. It was pretty great. After church, we went finding, and then we got caught in this huge giant rainstorm that drenched us. Again. SO that was pretty fun. After finishing off the night, we headed home.

Well, that was our week! It was really amazing! We have seen so many blessings and miracles as we have made real effort to cleanse the inner vessel of this branch, of this area, and of ourselves. We are at last ready for the Lord to pour out His infinite blessings in the area! And we know He will only do so, and continue to do so, if we keep working our hardest and doing all that we can. Don't forget 2 Nephi 25! For it is by Grace that we are saved, after ALL that we can do. We are saved by the grace of Jesus Christ after we make out best efforts! And after all, the grace of God continues to save us, during all that we can do as well. Love you all!

Till the Work is Done
-Elder Mickelsen

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