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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

June 20, 2016

Well, this week has flown by! It has been a tremendous week! Truly a week of spiritual growth and miracles! This week really taught me what we can accomplish if we believe we can, and if we put forth the effort to do it in faith!

Monday - It was P-Day. We started off by doing all the normal P-Day stuff, and then we met with Isobel for lunch. She is progressing well. She has so many questions! But she is really smart and she is really searching it out! After the meeting with Isobel, we had FHE. It was really good! We shared a wee spiritual thought, and then we almost won the quiz! It was pretty great.

Tuesday - Tuesday we had Zone Interview Training. This was probably one of the highlights of my week. It was such a dang good meeting! Really, really spiritual. We talked on the importance of members and really focusing on the Ward Missionary Process. Which is what Elder Richards and I have really been pushing in our District lately. So it was awesome to be on step ahead of the game, and to share testimony of our experiences so far with the process. The Spirit was very strong in that meeting and we all came away with revelation on how we can improve the work in our individual areas, and as a Zone. 

Wednesday - We did some GQ-ing in the morning, and then we picked up some lunch. We also stopped by President Culbertson's shop to have a coordination type meeting thing. So that was pretty good. Then we taught James with Scott. Scott is President Culbertson's friend from Provo. He served as a missionary here like 40 years ago. He wanted to come to a teaching appointment with us, so that was really good! The lesson was solid as well! James was able to teach us all three of the first lessons, (in sum up form, of course) and we also taught him about the Ten Commandments. So that was dang solid. James is all set for baptism on the 9th of July. All he has got to do is make it out to church. After the lesson with James, we went over to Sister Dunn's house and she made us come dang good curry. It was awesome! There was curry and naan bread, and then there was a big giant fruity sponge cake thing for dessert! It was a really good dinner! Afterwards, we shared the Mormon Message about the Idaho Falls temple. It talked about being reclaimed from sin and stuff like that. It was really awesome! I didn't even know that there was a Mormon Message about the Temple! But it was awesome! We also taught about Temple work and family history, and the importance of attending the temple. It can be a bit difficult for members here to attend since the temple is in England, but we still promise them blessings if they do! It was a really good lesson!

Thursday - We had some Weekly Planning, and then we did some GQ-ing in the town centre. Afterwards, we met with Isobel and invited her to come to church. She said she would! So that was really great!!!! The lesson was good as well. We talked about prophets and she had some questions about the temple and baptisms and stuff, so we helped a bit on that. After that lesson, we headed up to meet John. John is doing really good. We shared a Mormon Message with him. But I cant remember which one it was. I do remember that it was a good lesson! Then we went over to Brother Cunning's house for coordination. It was a good day.
Friday - We started off the day by doing a service project at Hidie's house, and we pulled weeds for a few hours. Then afterwards, we went and visited a guy named John. John was really cool. He was one of Scott's former investigators, so we went on Scott's request. John is a really nice guy though. He doesn't think he can change, but we might try and fix that! After John, we went and stopped by Norman, and had a quick lesson there. We shared John 3:16 with him. It was a quickie, but a good one nonetheless. After that, we headed up to the church to meet with a new investigator, but he didn't show so we spent the time trying to hunt down a referral, but we could not, for the life of us, find the street that they lived on! We searched a whole neighborhood! We will be trying again this week though! After that, we had a Branch BBQ. That was awesome! We had lots of good food, and then we played jump rope for an hour. I was the one spinning the rope, and Elder Richards did the jumping. It was pretty great! After that, we headed home.

Saturday - We went up to stop by Trevor D. in the morning, but he wasn't in, so we headed back to Coleraine, and did some finding until our lesson with Isobel. That went really well! we talked about church and what we do there and all that jazz. Then we went out to Ballymoney and visited Alwyn. He is doing really good. He like to talk, and we did share the Plan of Salvation with him. He also fed us dinner! Lamb chops! It was delicious! After Alwyn, we headed back home for the night.
Sunday - Sunday was really great! Church was pretty solid. Isobel came to church! It was really great! Elder Richards also gave a talk, so it was like, an ideal Sunday to come to church. Then after sacrament meeting, we went to youth Sunday school with Isobel, and then she went to Relief Society with another member. Afterwards, she said she really enjoyed it and that it was a very enlightening experience! So that was a plus! Then after church, we went over to the Patterson's for dinner! It was great! We had a roast dinner. And it was good. We also taught a lesson on Jesus Christ. We shared Moroni 10:32, and also the Because of Him video. It was a really good lesson. After that, we came back into Coleraine, and did a few tryby's. We went up to Trevor, but he wasn't in again, and then we went by another Sister, and we have an appointment set up! So that was pretty great! Then we headed home and called it a day.
Well, that was the week! Things are really awesome here in Northern Ireland! I love it here! Always keep in mind what the Lord has done for you, and you will always see what He is continuing to do for you! And last but not least, EXPECT A MIRACLE! Love you all!

Till the Work is Done
- Elder Mickelsen


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