"Where ere thou art, Act well thy part"

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July 18. 2016

Hello again everybody! This week has been pretty crazy! From staying in on Tuesday for safety, to receiving a testimony of Joseph Smith, to giving a little boy a mega blocks dragon! It has been great! Let's get right down to it.

Monday - was only half P-day, and we still had the Newtonabbey Elders with us. So we went to the Church and emailed there, and then we headed out on the town to do some finding. I spent the majority of the day with Elder Benton, and we had a lesson fall through. People were hurrying all over the place to get things ready for the 12th, so we had our work cut out for us. After finding for a bit, we snagged a really cheap football net, and then headed home since we had to be in at 6. It's bonfire night.

Tuesday - We got up at 630 and then we went outside and played some football. We had a 4 man free for all. It was pretty awesome! We played first one to 10, and obviously, I lost. It was between Elder Richards and Elder Sheils. It was pretty awesome! At the 9-9 tie breaker, Elder Richards nailed a longshot and exploded the goal. It literally fell to pieces. But, here's the catch, Elder Sheils ticked it before it went in, so technically it was Elder Sheils' point. But they settled it 9.5-9.5 and we headed in for studies. After our studies, we put on moustaches and dressed up like weirdos to play Monopoly. That was pretty fun. Then we went over to a member's house and played some Risk and had some lunch. Then after that, we went up to Sister Dunn's house and had dinner. It was fantastic. So much food. It was majestic, it was magnificent, it was GLORIOUS! And we had a nice lesson with Trevor since he was there as well. But the 12th was a pretty good day for us.

Wednesday - we were back at it. The Newtonabbey Elders headed back home first thing in the morning, and then we did a bit of housekeeping since the flat was in shambles. Then we headed out for the day. We taught Isobel. Which was awesome. She is only back from holiday for a few days, so we met up with her. Turns out she read the whole entire Book of Mormon while on holiday, and she said she really, really liked it. She said she is more convinced that Joseph Smith had divine help in bringing it about! So that was really great! We had to give her a bit of a quiz to make sure she read the whole thing, but she passed! So we were stoked out of our minds! It was really great! After that lesson, we met with a guy named David. He was found by the Sisters a few weeks back during the Coleraine blitz. He was really interested in learning about religion, and he doesn't come from a religious background himself, so he a really solid truth seeker. Our lesson was cut a bit short with him since he had to go suddenly, but we taught the Restoration to him. He liked it and we are set to meet him again this week. So that was really awesome.

Thursday - We headed out to Alwyn's house first thing to meet with him. We discussed temples. He is really excited about the temple and family history work, so that is what we have been focusing on with him. After Alwyn, we taught James. James is doing really good. We recommitted him to baptism at the end of July, and we taught him lesson 5. It was really solid. After that, we had another lesson with a guy named James. We met him at Costa, and he bought us some hot chocolate, and we talk about the church and stuff. He is the treasurer for the Presbyterian church, so we don’t really meet with him that often, but when we do, it is good. Then we headed home.

Friday - We taught Trevor in the morning, and that was really good. He fed us some lunch, and then we talked about the Book of Mormon with him. Trevor really likes the Book of Mormon. After that, we headed down to town to teach Isobel again before she leaves to Romania. That lesson went well. She is progressing nicely. Then we went over and saw John. John leaves soon for Scotland. So we give him the spiritual boost. He leaves this Sunday. After John we headed home for the night.

Saturday - We went finding all day and then we stopped by Tommy. He is doing well. Saturday was a relatively nice day, so that was a plus too. But nothing much really went on Saturday. We also had weekly planning that day, so that was good.
Sunday - Sunday was awesome. We had church, which was great, and then right after is when I gave a little boy a mega blocks dragon I had acquired earlier in my stay here for only a pound at Poundland. So I finally remembered to bring it to church and give it to him, and he loved it! So that was awesome! And then right after church, we taught James and showed him the Prophet of the Restoration video and then had a really good lesson with him. He now knows that Joseph Smith is more than just a man! So that was a really good lesson! Then after that, we had a try by, and she was pretty solid. Then we headed back for dinner, and called it a day.
Well, that was this week! It has been crazy! And we made up for some lost ground on Tuesday! It was really great! Everybody, stay strong in the faith! Every little thing, is gonna be alright! Love you all!
-Till the Work is Done!

-Elder Mickelsen

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