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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 15, 2017


I think I am gonna try and start this letter with a word other than, "so"...

This week was pretty great! It was sunny and awesome and just a good week to be in the mission! Granted, we spent 3 days traveling this week, but it was to Edinburgh for a really good conference! The conferences are always awesome and uplifting! Always gives you the extra push to keep on pushing!

But, this is going to be a short letter since I called home yesterday! And the week felt like a blur! I always sit down to write this and I think, I have no idea what happened this week! 

Basically we spent the week finding. We didn’t see a lot of success, but like everyone always says, “It was sure building character! “ But we had a good week here in Stranraer.

This week I want to ask every one to read Mosiah 14 and think about the "stripes" with which we are healed. I have been looking at it recently and it has really helped build my testimony even more of the Savior and His mission. I know it can help all of you too!!! 

Love you all!!!

-Til the work is done.

-Elder Mickelsen

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