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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 1-8, 2017

Hello everybody! Sorry for not writing last week! It was pretty hectic! There was a bank holiday and we had to wait a day to email and we barely made it back to have a tiny bit of time to email! But now I have some time! So I can write a proper one for the past two weeks! It feels like a blur, so I'll try my best to recollect as much as I can!

So last Monday (24 Apr) we taught a guy named Kevin. He was on the former investigator list and we had sent out a text to all our formers asking if they wanted to meet up again. Kevin was down for it, so we went to meet him! We will see where it goes. He is a nice guy. We just asked him about his investigation history. So we have a lesson for next Wednesday (17 May) Hopefully that goes well!

I made a cake last week! We had a Linger-Longer at church, and I didn't have anything to do while Elder Rodriguez was doing language study, so I made a cake! And lemme tell you, I was pretty chuffed with it. It was a strawberry Nutella cake. It has a strawberry jam and Nutella centre, and then it is coated in vanilla frosting and topped with some strawberries and a drizzle of Nutella! It was a vanilla sponge cake as well! So it was lush! I am pretty proud of myself!

This past week there hasn't been a cloud in the sky! It was so nice and warm and everything is starting to reach its peak greenness. Things here are always green, but in the summer, holy cow. You'd think the only color that existed here is green! So it has been awesome! My skin is finally starting to get some of its color back! I have to switch my watch back and forth though, so I don't have the horrid watch tan line, but I have one pretty bad on my left wrist, so now I am trying to even it out. 

Let's see....what else... Oh ya! Yesterday we went over to Steven’s for a bit since it was his son's birthday party. So we came to say hello, and it was great! And then after that, they started to paint a fence in the yard, and we offered our assistance. So we got to paint a fence! And then they had a BBQ for dinner! So it was a pretty baller day! Perfect weather for it as well! Plus, I loved smelling like fire! I have missed it! 

So ya! That was basically the highlights of the last few weeks! It has been a tremendous time for us, and it has been awesome! We have really felt the Spirit in our work, and in everything we do! This past week has really confirmed to me how the Spirit works, and how God leads and guides everything we do! If we involve Him in our lives, then we can never really go astray! He will lead us and guide us!!! Love you all!!!

-Til the work is done.

-Elder Mickelsen

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