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Thursday, November 10, 2016

October 24, 2016

Beautiful Fall in Scotland

So this week was pretty much like any other week. We spent quite a bit of time trying to find someone to teach. We also had a few good DA's and visits with some members.

This week, we did find a guy named Peter. He has met with missionaries before, and he is a pretty nice guy. He can be a bit hard to talk to, but things have been going well with him. We have met him twice, and he read half of the Book of Mormon in a day! That was pretty impressive, not gonna lie. He will need to make some big changes to be baptized, but he could do it. So we are going to continue working with him. He gave us a painting of a boat and told us that it reminds him of Peter the Apostle since he was a fisherman. So he told us to hang the painting in the church. We said we wouldn't be able to hang it in the church be we could probably hang it in our flat. So now we have a picture of a boat. It's quite tranquil. But that was the main highlight from the week.

I have also come in contact with anti-Mormon stuff again for the first time since leaving Northern Ireland. Only this time it came from a former member. We were chatting, not even about the church, and all of a sudden, he just outright attacks the church. In that moment, I learned that when the Lord promises to give us the things we should say, He doesn't mean he will give us the ability to answer every question, but He will give us the Spirit so we can testify about the truths that we do know for sure.

If we knew every answer, it wouldn't require faith. Faith is the first principle of the Gospel. Without it we can do nothing. Think of Nephi going to get the plates. "And I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do." If Nephi knew exactly what he had to do, it wouldn't have been a test for him. It would've been pointless. Hence the Lord gives us enough to satisfy, and we have to take the rest of Faith, and trust that the Lord knows all things and will lead us to truth. He will lead us, He will guide us. All you have to do, is listen.

-Till the Work is Done

-Elder Mickelsen

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