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Thursday, November 10, 2016

November 7, 2016

Elders Mickelsen & Milburn

Well, another week has passed by here in good ol' Dumbarton! And it has been a really good week! From exchanges and surprise Zone Conferences, to getting moves call. And of course, a little bit of Chinese food. This week was pretty great.

You know, this area has opened my eyes a bit more than previous areas have. Each area has taught me something to apply to my work, and this area is no different, especially with a whitewash. We had no info about the area, other than the fact that it was 13 miles West of Glasgow, and that Loch Lomond was in the area. So with that knowledge, we got on a train and only knew that we had to get off in Dumbarton. We didn't even know where we lived! And now, fast-forward 6 weeks later, we know the area, and we are working hard to find the souls that are prepared to accept the Gospel. Each day brings something new. And it is quite exciting. Although, the Scottish accent was a bit of a struggle for a few days, but now I have the hang of it! 

So, this week we went out a few times with the members to visit some less actives and get to know some active members more. And on Tuesday, we spent the entire day in Glasgow City Centre! It was pretty awesome! It is starting to get cold here, and we haven't had cloud cover all week, so it's just freezing outside! But it has been so good! Glasgow was great! Just the boost we needed to help us to finish off our week strong.
Sunset at Helensburg Pier
We had a good day on Sunday as well. Church was really good, and then we also went over to a member's house for lunch. We taught a little spiritual thought to them and then we committed them to give out 2 pass along cards each this week. And then, we role-played with them on how to give a card out. So that was fun. After that we went and stopped by to see Peter. He let us in and we had a little chat. He said that he is reading 2 pages of the Book of Mormon each day and he really likes it. But he doesn't know if he wants to have us start meeting him regularly again. So that was good to see that he is doing better. He looked better than last time as well. He is still a nice guy.

After that we went over to the Gallacher's house and we shared the Restoration with them. It was super spiritual, especially the First Vision. It was so good! It was probably one of the most powerful lessons we have taught. And Sister O'Rawe was there as well. So that was good for her. It was good to practice our teaching and then to also have the members see that we are capable teachers.

Saturday we had a Zone Conference with the Glasgow and Paisley Zones, and that was awesome! We just spent 2 hours looking at the scriptures with President Donaldson, and that was great. We were looking at the journey of Jared and his Brother in the Book of Mormon. It was fantastic. Nothing beats getting taught straight from the scriptures by President Donaldson. Absolutely nothing. We looked at how much faith Jared and his Brother had, and how we need to have faith to keep the ball rolling this year and reach our goals and show our commitment to Jesus Christ. It was just awesome. Super spiritual. So good.

And then moves call came! I will be staying in Dumbarton with Elder Milburn for another 6 weeks! So we are looking forward to the work that will get done this transfer! It's so exciting! Love you all!

-Till the Work is Done

-Elder Mickelsen

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