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Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14, 2016

Well, this week was pretty good. Can't complain.  We even got some snow this week! Which quickly turned to slush and then just freezing cold rain. But we had SNOW!

We had a really good experience this week on Wednesday when we went over to visit a Less Active and her Non Member husband.  We have been over there a few times, but this time, the husband agreed to be taught the Gospel and he said he might like to join the church! So we were pretty excited about that! We are going to go over tomorrow and teach them! So hopefully that goes well!

We spent the rest of the week finding and stopping by various members and such, and it was actually really good! We have members that are rather missionary-oriented; I think sometimes they just don't know how to go about doing the work. But we are helping them and soon we'll have this ward being a baptizing machine! It's going to be awesome! But that was basically my week in a nutshell!

I have learned a lot spiritually this week, and my knowledge has grown substantially. Every day I learn something new! The Spirit is truly a great thing. I also have a testimony that the Lord doesn't always answer in the way that we think. For a long time there I had been praying for something, and doing everything I knew how to do to try and get it. When finally, out of the blue, it happened, but it did not happen from the things I was doing. I had been so focused on what I did not have and how to get it doing it my way, that I had neglected the Lord's way. And he answered the prayer, in His own time and in His own way.

But you know, C'est la vie! But this week has been really good! And this next little while should be even better!

-Till the Work is Done

-Elder Cody Mickelsen
Mount Ben Lomond!!

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