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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November 28, 2016

This picture is for you, Mom.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Notice the tie.  I'll tell you about it in the letter...

Well, another week has gone by. And it was a good week. The cold is really setting in here and we have had a good amount of frost every morning, so that was awesome!

This week we had Zone Conference, and it was really good, as usual. We go over the things that we need to help bring people closer to Christ, as well as learn new things that we can do to be more effective. (especially on winter evenings.)  Because it gets dark around 3pm here, the evening tends to be difficult for street contacting. So we were given some tactics to try. We're calling it "After Dark" finding. So that was really helpful.

We also had Thanksgiving this week! It was great! It doesn't really exist over here, but we went over to a Less Active's house and she ordered Chinese for us, so that was awesome! Plus she gave me this awesomely heinous Thanksgiving tie that I was to wear all day on Thursday. I did, but I had a jumper on over it. Ain't no way I was gonna spend the whole day on the street with that thing tied around me neck.  The print was Pilgrims and Indians eating a Turkey dinner. Hahaha! Oh and a jumper is a sweater over here.

We also had exchanges this week and we got to spend a day in Glasgow finding on Buchanan Street. That was crazy. It was so packed. It was the day after Black Friday, so you were just shoulder to shoulder with people and it was nuts! The city centre is so much fun to be in! I love it!

We had a DA just about every night this week, so that was also amazing! We didn't really find anybody to teach this week, but we keep going every day in faith knowing that someone is out there ready to be baptized! So we just keep going!

But this week was rather slow as pertaining to interesting events. Just another normal missionary week. I am sure I had you all on the edge of your seats with this email! 

-Till the Work is Done

-Elder Mickelsen

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