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Saturday, August 27, 2016

August 22, 2016

My new companion: Elder Cropper
WE GOT A CAR!!!!!!!

Well, this week was rapid fire! Spent most of the week in Belfast, but it was awesome! I won't waste much time on a well-written intro, so I'll just get right into the nitty gritty of things.

MONDAY - We had P-Day. Or as close to a P-Day as you can get on Moves week.  Really we just emailed and then I did a bit of cleaning while Elder Richards packed up his stuff, since he’s being transferred.  We then went out and did some finding and went over to FHE. We could only stay for an hour since we were catching a train to head to Belfast.  So, we said goodbye to everybody, and then took off. We then spent the night at the Zone Leader's flat and that was Monday.

TUESDAY - We got up early and took everybody to the bus station to catch the bus to the ferry. But once we got to the station, the bus never came, so we had to book over to the ferry station, and the Elders that were headed off ended up missing the ferry and had to wait until 11:00 am to catch it. We had other stuff to go do, so we just left them there and Elder Woodfield and I took off to go get some breakfast. So that was awesome!

We went to McDonalds. And since it is actual P-Day because of moves, we just looked around Belfast. We took a tour of the City Hall, we went and visited the peace wall, and then after the whole day was done, we went finding and then we spent the night with the Rosetta Elders. So that was good.
We found a 5 Guys!! Yes!!

WEDNESDAY - I spent the day finding with Elder Woodfield for the Holywood teams. So nothing much to report. We did go teach James, so that was good. But nothing much happened on Wednesday.
It's Elder Cropper's Birthday.
Sister Dunn made him an amazing cake!! Hopefully she'll make me one on my birthday in a couple weeks!

THURSDAY - We had some finding in the morning, and then we picked up our companions! My new companion is Elder Cropper.  He’s been out since January and is from California.  And the best news, we got a car! It is so awesome!!! He’s the driver since his American driver’s license is still valid here since he’s only been out less than a year.  Mine doesn’t work here because I’ve been out over a year. So it’s all good! SO we “drove” back to Coleraine and then we taught our Book of Mormon class after going to visit Trevor. It was really good!

FRIDAY - We went finding all day, and taught a lady named Ethel. Ethel is 84 and we found her whilst GQ-ing, so it was awesome! She is really good. Not sure how fast she will progress, but it is still good!

SATURDAY - We went out to Limivady. That was fun. It is a nice quiet town, but we made it work. So we spent the morning out there, and then came back to Coleraine.  Finding in Coleraine was great. So after that we went back out to Limivady for a lesson which was a no show, and then we went around visiting people on the ward list. That was fun. We got let in by a guy named Hector. He was pretty nice. He was baptized a very long time ago, so we are going to try to get him back to church. So that was Saturday.

SUNDAY - We had church, it was pretty great. Lots of good things. There was a fair amount of people there. So that was awesome. After church, we went out and did some finding and then did some more try by's and then we went and taught Alwyn. That was a good lesson. So things were pretty great this week.

Well, that was the week. Sorry it's so short, but this week felt so short! But the Lord will guide us in all truth! Love you all!

-Till the work is done!

-Elder Mickelsen

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  1. i can't believe there is a 5 guys there. No wonder Rick Miles is so loaded!