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Monday, August 15, 2016

August 15, 2016

Woo! Another week has flown by!!! This week was pretty intense! Well, actually pretty normal, but still awesome!! It was great! And it all culminated with moves call! Everyone back home seems to know our moves before we do, so hopefully I will surprise at least one of you! 

MONDAY- was P-Day, like usual. We cleaned a lot and then we had FHE, which we haven't had in 2 weeks! So it was nice to get back into things! But Monday was just the usual Monday, so nothing much to report. But I did get into a bake off with Sister Hall, and she claimed that she could make a better cake than me! So, I rose to the occasion, and said let's find out. So she gave me the cake recipe, which was in Danish and Norweigan, and told me to go for it, and we would present the fruits of our labors at District Meeting.

So, I did. I baked a cake. And turns out, I can't really bake cake. I have never made cake in my life, and now I know why. I followed the recipe exact. And the cake looked really good and cooked on top. I even stuck a knife in the top and it came out clean, so I was like, "Oh ya. I'm gonna win." So I cut into this cake, right, and turns out, the ENTIRE BOTTOM HALF WAS STILL BATTER. My cake went all over the place. I was only able to salvage one piece of cake from it. And I had to do the walk of shame into DM with my one measly piece of cake compared to Sister Hall's huge platter of cake. I promised to redeem myself however. So we are good there!

TUESDAY - We had DM in the morning, so we caught the early train to Belfast. DM was good. We had quite a few people there! The meeting went really well. Lots of good insights and teachings shared. I actually really enjoy DM when it is as good as it was this time! But after that, we went and taught James in Belfast since he is living up there now, and he had some free time to meet up. It was good. We asked him about the Book of Mormon and stuff, and it went really well. Elder Richards found this crazy insane Rubiks cube and worked on it a bit as well! It was nuts looking! It didn't even look like a cube! But he almost solved it! It was crazy!

After the lesson, we went and got a Boojum's! So good! And then we headed back to Coleraine, and went to a Branch Presidency meeting. It was a solid meeting. We are finally getting the ward missionary process rolling! It's exciting! Then, we went out to dinner with President Culbertson and Brother Kilgore, and they took us to Pizza Pomodoro! It was dang good! We had a good talk there about the work as well. Then we headed home. It was great!

WEDNESDAY - We went finding all day. It was a good day, a tad bit rainy, but still really good! After we went finding, we went out to dinner with Sister Dunn and Trevor! It was really cool! We went to this restaurant in Portrush! It was delicious!!! And Sister Dunn got us these pimpin’ minion keychains! It was great! After dinner, we went back over to Trevor's and watched the Testaments with him. It is a really good show! He liked it a lot! Then we headed home.

THURSDAY - We went finding, and then we taught Book of Mormon class! It was really good! We had a good turn out! It was great! We read the story of Enos and had some really good discussions! It was awesome!!! After the class, we went over to Brother Cunning's house and had coordination! It was great! The Branch is starting to catch the missionary work bug! It should be really good!!!! 

FRIDAY - We GQ-ed all day, and then we taught Trevor in the evening. We have been helping him with his Book of Mormon study lately, and it has really helped him since he has gotten into the Isaiah chapters of the BoM. So that has been great reading that with him! After that, the Newtonabbey Elders came over to stay the night since we are having a District Blitz tomorrow. Sister Dunn also gave us a ton of Domino's gift cards, so we ate like kings for the next 2 days! It was awesome!

SATURDAY - We had a District Blitz in Coleraine! It was great!!! We had the Newtonabbey Elders and the Antrim Sisters up for the day. So Elder Shiels and I GQ-ed all day and got a few potentials, and then we went and taught Alwyn. That was a really good lesson. If anybody has not seen the Patterns of Light videos by Elder Bednar, I would highly recommend and exhort you to view them! They are great! Afterwards, The Elders left and then we went to a Turkish place and I got chicken and chips. I was positive that my stomach could not handle another kebab. But it was awesome! Then, I made a pumpkin pie that evening for the luncheon we have at church tomorrow.

SUNDAY - was awesome! Church was really great! We had an old missionary couple come back to visit today, so they had a luncheon for them. So that was really good! The branch presidency also really hammered down on the ward missionary process and you could just feel the Spirit of progress in the room! It was amazing! The talks were also dang good as well. After church, Elder Richards and I had weekly planning, and then we went to visit Trevor.

We also got moves call while we were there! I am staying in Coleraine! And Elder Richards is headed to Edinburgh to a town called Dalkieth! My new companion is from California and his name is Elder Cropper! I have never met him, but I have heard he is a great guy! 

Well, that was my week! It was quick, it was long, it was awesome! Being a missionary is so great! I love every minute of it! Well, almost every minute! Haha! But through all the ups and downs, I remember the Lord, and that makes it all worth it. Love you all!!!

-Til The Work is Done

-Elder Mickelsen

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