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Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29, 2016

These shoes have walked many miles!!

Dark Hedges

This past week was really great! Set a new record for lessons taught, received a HUGE answer to prayer, found a man who prefers to be called by a fruit, and had President Donaldson at church with us! It was so great!

Elder Cropper walking Giant's Causeway

MONDAY - We did the normal P-Day stuff, and then we went out to lunch. Hit up a chippy that people had said was good and boy was it good. After that, we headed out to the Dark Hedges since that is pretty much the last thing that I have left to do in this area, and then we went to the Giant's Causeway since Elder Cropper hasn't seen it. And so begins the tour of the sites again for me! But now it is soooo much easier with the car! It's great! After the Causeway, we went shopping and then we went to FHE after doing some try by's. SO that was fun. We got wrecked at the quiz though. I did make a blind guess and scored us some points, though. That was pretty great! Elder Cropper did the same, so it was by complete and utter blind guessing that we got any points on the board. But we did! Woo! After that, we headed home for the night.

TUESDAY - We had DM. We don't go to Belfast anymore since the Districts were reorganized and our District has Londonderry and Letterkenny in it, which are in the complete opposite direction from Belfast. So, we go to Derry now for our DM's. That was pretty cool. I have seen a majority of Northern Ireland now, so that was awesome to see some more! The meeting was good. We talked about setting goals and making sure that we have the faith to set good goals. So that was great. After that, we headed back to Coleraine, and did some finding. We taught Isobel as well, and that lesson went really good! We read Ether 12 with her, and she really enjoyed it! Then after that lesson, we called Ethel to see if we could meet up, and she said that she wouldn't be able to meet up with us anymore since her neighbor didn't like us coming over, so that was a bummer, but it's all good! Then after that, we did some member visits and then headed home for the day.

WEDNESDAY - We pretty much just GQ-ed all day, so that was fun. We taught Jack the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and it went well. He can be a bit difficult to teach, but he is still good. After that, we went up to Portrush to do some finding.

THURSDAY - We spent the first half of the day GQ-ing, and towards the end, we found a guy and had a sit down lesson with him. It went well. He is from Poland, and we can't pronounce his name, so he told us to call him Banana. So, we eagerly agreed, and that is how we have an investigator named Banana. After that, we went out to Alwyn's house and had a lesson with him and then we went to this guy named Nigel's house for a BBQ. He had seen us earlier in town and had said, "I am all alone tonight and I am gonna have a BBQ. Do you guys want to come?" So we were all like, "Heck ya!" So we went over there. Nigel isn't an investigator, but he is just a genuinely nice guy who likes to meet new people. So, he cooked some meats and things and it was really good. This started a chain of BBQ's this week. When the weather gets nice, people grill. After Nigel, we went over and taught James at the church. It was a really good lesson as well. We taught Mosiah 18, and that was awesome! He says he has to wait till he can fully commit to the church, but when he can, he said he would make the commitment. He currently has a job that is having him work on Sundays, so that is really all that is holding him back. And today, Isobel told us that she finally received an answer! 

FRIDAY - Friday was pretty good! We met with Isobel, and discussed her answer! We talked about how awesome it was that she got one! It was a really great lesson! Woo! Ether 12!!

After that, our lesson with Banana fell through, so we went finding, and then we went and visited Trevor. That was pretty good. We are almost finished with the Isaiah chapters in the Book of Mormon, so it is awesome that we are making some progress!

SATURDAY - We GQ-ed all day and then we tried by a less active who wasn't in, but really nothing much to report on Saturday.

SUNDAY - was great! We had Isobel at church, so that was awesome! She really enjoyed it! And we also had President and Sister Donaldson at church! They were the speakers!!! It was so good! They taught about repentance! SO great! After church we had a Linger Longer Lunch, and that was pretty awesome! And then we went out finding and then went to visit another less active that wasn't in, so we did some try by's and then we did some weekly planning and called it a day!

Well, everyone, that was the week! Things are going so great here in Coleraine! The work has hastened even in the time of my mission I have seen the speed and urgency increase! It is so wonderful! I would encourage each and every one of you to read Alma 5 this week and really focus on what YOU can do to make the change in your life! Ask yourself, "Can I feel so now??" Love you all! 
-Till the Work is Done

-Elder Mickelsen

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  1. Great thoughts Cody. I just read Alma 5 last week! Great invite!