"Where ere thou art, Act well thy part"

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May 2, 2016

Hello Everybody! This past week has been amazing! We have seen lots of things happen and we have also made some good progress in the area.  Whitewashing can be a pain, but it is a ton of fun!

MONDAY- was P-day, obviously.  And it was pretty fun.  We spent the day emailing and shopping and looking around at some of the shops in Portrush.  Portrush is awesome.  Then we ran into our golfer friends that evening and said hi.  Then we did some GQing around the town center.  It was pretty cool.  And really, really, really windy!! After that, we caught a bus and made our merry way home for the night.

TUESDAY- We had our District Meeting and it was pretty good.  We had Elder Allred and Elder Carroll there since the rest of their District was in Dublin.  It ended up being a really good meeting.  We focused a lot on making sure we do the best that we can, and really exemplify the behaviors and actions that will clearly identify us as servants of the Lord.  After District Meeting,  we had lunch at Boojums  Mmmmm…Boojums. So good, so good, SO GOOD!! Burritos are the bomb!  I think we have inadvertently started a new tradition for post District Meeting lunch.

After that, we went home and then we fixed or bikes up a bit, but they still aren't road worthy.  Besides, we can talk to more people on the street without them anyway!  Then we went over to the Douglas' home and gave them some cookies and gave Sister Douglas a blessing.  Truly a spiritual experience.  Next we headed over to the church to meet with the Branch President to get our bearings in the area and get a game plan.  So that was good.  Then we headed home.

WEDNESDAY- We went to Ballymoney in the morning to try by some less active members.  It went well.  We knocked on the first door we had been sent to and we didn't know what was gonna be on the other side of the door since there was a sticker on the door that said, "Blood Covenant!" So while we were freaking out about what was going to happen to us, this guy opened the door and turns out he recognized us and set up a return appointment! Woo!! Then we went and got some lunch, and taught 'I'.  She is pretty great.  She is really progressing well.  She is learning all the things she can and she asks a lot of good questions.  Right now we are just working on helping her take that leap of faith to make the commitment to be baptized.  But all things are progressing well. 

We then went to talk to a guy named 'N'.  He is a less active and we had a good lesson with him.  We have seen some great success come from inviting people to come and see President Uchtdorf on the 22nd of this month.  So we have had a big push for that. We shared a scripture with him and then we signed his Book of Mormon that every missionary who meets him signs.  So that was awesome.  After that, we got some dinner and then retired for the evening.

THURSDAY- was pretty great.  We had weekly planning, which was awesome, and then we went GQing for a bit and then we went and talked to 'I' again.  She had some questions about the Spirit World and we helped answer those for her.  She said it made a lot of sense, so that was a bonus!  Then we went over to a less active's house.  His name is 'T' and he is pretty cheeky but I think he has potential to come back and make progress.  He is really nice, though.  The lesson went well.  

On our way home, we received a text from a recent convert asking where we were and we said in town center and asked why.  She told us that they were waiting at Book of Mormon class for us, which was a half hour walk away! So we quickly turned and ran for a while to the church to teach the class.  In other words, I exceeded my running quota for my life on Thursday!! But Book of Mormon class went well.  We are now moving into the Book of Jacob so we are making some good progress!! After class, we headed home and then the Newtonabbey Elders came over for exchanges.

FRIDAY- was awesome! I went on exchanges with Elder Rich.  And he has a car, so we spent the whole day with the area book and a GPS going ham on the area.  We looked up so many people.  It was great!  We were able to find a new investigator out of it and gave him a Book of Mormon.  It was awesome! We shared with him how it can change his life and he was excited to take and read it.  He is a bit mad, but he is cool! We actually spent most of our day in Portrush and Portstewart, and we finished off the day with burritos and ice cream.

We then had a less active lesson with a guy named, 'P'.  He is a nice guy.  We shared with him our favorite scriptures and prayed with him.  We also invited him out to come see President Uchtdorf, as well.  So that was pretty good.  Then, we returned home and found an Orange Order Parade going on so we went to the flat.  Then we burned a tie for Elder Furko's 6 month mark.  We burned it with a deodorant flamethrower so that was awesome and then we headed to bed.

SATURDAY- was pretty good.  We went finding in the morning and then we had a meeting with a Church of Christ minister and President Culbertson.  It was a good meeting.  We talked about God and other things that we believe similarly on.  So it was a good time.  Then we went over to a dinner appointment.  And we had soup and then stew and then a rice pudding eating competition.  It was a good Dinner Appointment! SO. MUCH. FOOD! SO FULL!! It was awesome! It was a truly majestic way to kick off a fast! Haha!

SUNDAY- was great! It was fast and testimony meeting.  There were some good testimonies shared.  I realized that there really are amazing members of the church here.  We have seen our attendance slowly increase over the past two weeks and it is truly a great blessing! 

Then Elder Richards and I taught Elder's Quorum, so that was pretty fun. It actually turned out to be a pretty great lesson.  After that, we mingled with the members for a bit and the we headed home.  Elder Richards did his District Leader additional study and then we went to church with 'I'.  It was a pretty good service.  There are lot of good people here in Coleraine.  So many good people! After that, we headed home for dinner and then we went to bed.

Well everyone, that was this week.  It was pretty amazing! We were able to see the sunshine and then some rain, and then some snow and then back to sunshine, then back to rain.  So it was awesome! Gotta love it! 

On a more spiritual note, I echo the words of President Monson from this past General Conference on choices.  We are not like Alice from Alice in Wonderland.  We know where we want to go.  We know how we must get there and now is the time to take the right path.  Choose the right when a choice is placed before you, Let God and Heaven be your goal.

Till the Work is Done

-Elder Mickelsen

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