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Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016

Hello again everybody! This past week has been pretty awesome! Things are really good here in Coleraine! I love it so much! This week was filled with twists and turns and every things was pretty legit! And it culminated in meeting some guys from Utah and finding out we have a very special guest coming to meet us in Belfast! So here we go…

MONDAY- Well, we had a service project first thing in the morning.  We helped a sister in the Ward weed her garden and also build a taller garden box for her so it is easier to reach.  It was really fun, actually.  The weather was semi decent and the sun even came out for a moment.  It was incredible!  Then we went over to the library and sent out a quick email, then we had to go meet the maintenance guy at our flat to fix our shower, but he didn't show up.  So, that was awesome!  And then we weren't to the church to email since the Library had since closed.  So after emailing at the church, we headed to Tesco to do our weekly shopping trip.  Then we headed home for the day.  It was really a great day.

TUESDAY- Was pretty great.  We got up early and headed into Belfast for District Meeting.  Our district is pretty small since we have the ZL's in our District and they are always gone working somewhere in the mission.  So it's usually just the 4 of us, but, it is some good fun! We had District Meeting and then we picked up some bikes from Newtonabbey Elders. So we had to take our bikes on the train.  That was a pretty fun experience.  People look at you pretty funny and it is awesome! Then we got some lunch at home and went to teach our investigator named 'I'.  She is pretty cool.  She is 17 and has been meeting the missionaries for almost a year.  She wants to know 100% before she makes any decision on what she should do about baptism.  She did invite us to come with her to her church on Sunday night, so we said we would if she would come to ours on Sunday morning.  So we made a deal.  Then after that, Elder Richards and I did some finding.

WEDNESDAY-was fun. We did some finding in the morning before lunch, and then we were going to an area to go finding whilst we awaited our dinner appointment.  Then we went over to Colin's house and he took us over to Sister Dunn's house to have dinner.  She made us an awesome dinner. It was chicken and roasts and sausages and broccoli and carrots and the to top it all off, she made a fresh fruit sponge cake! It was so good! After dinner, we shared a wee spiritual thought and then we went over to 'J.D's house.  He has PTSD and he just needs people to talk to sometimes.  So he said we had picked a good night to come over and chat, since it was a hard day for him.  Then after the appointment, we GQ-ed home and headed to bed.

THURSDAY- We went finding in Coleraine for the first part of the morning, and then we had a lunch appointment with a Brother Kilgore and Brother Mckenna.  It was a pretty good lunch.  We went to this cafe that made waffle sandwiches. It was sweet! Then we talked a little bit about missionary work in Coleraine, and what we can do to help it move forward faster than ever.  So it was lunch hour well spent.  Afterwards, we spent a good chunk of time finding in the town center and then we went and had our Book of Mormon class.  It was pretty good.  We actually had a good turn out and there were some good things talked about.  We focused on 2 Nephi 30 & 31.  Those are some really great chapters! I would definitely recommend reading them once more.  After the Book of Mormon class, we headed home and had some dinner and then headed to bed.

FRIDAY- was pretty great.  We started off by doing our weekly planning and then we went over to town to teach 'I' again.  It was a really good lesson.  We really focused on having faith to move forward. It was great.  A lot of experiences and testimonies were shared.  After 'I', we caught a bus to Portstewart for a dinner with a guy named 'N'.  He has been meeting missionaries for a while and he takes us out sometimes.  We had a pretty good dinner with him, though.  Afterwards, we missed our bus back to Coleraine by 1 minute, so we had to walk all the way back.  It was 5 miles back! So we started the long trek back.  And Elder Richards got chased by some cows, and then he insulted a crippled sheep and then we got rescued by the Young Men's president! It was so awesome! We finally got home about 10, and we were exhausted! But it was definitely one heck of a day!
These LDS guys from Utah saw us on the street, picked us up in their tour bus and took us to lunch at the Golf Course

SATURDAY- We woke up and decided we wanted to go to Portrush.  Just on a whim, we went and got a ticket and made our way up there.  In the process of going to a try by in Portrush, we got passed by a bus and someone knocked on the window and waved at us.  So we were like, "Sweet!" Then the bus stopped 50 feet in front of us at a hotel and the first guy gets off and says, "Hello Elders!" Now, when someone in this country greets you like that, it means one of two things: Either they are a member, or they are a born again.  Then the next guy gets off the bus and says, "I'm looking for the true church of God." So we were definitely thinking these were just some cheeky born agains.

Then they all got off the bus and said they were all from Utah, Idaho, Colorado, California and Wyoming.  And one of them was the BYU football coach and he knows Elder Richards' brother, who plays for BYU.  Small world! Well, we find out that in the group there are some former Bishops, and Stake Presidents as well as a former Mission President! It was awesome! They then took us out to lunch at the Portstewart Country Club.  That was pretty great! The course had some dang good food, as well as some really good views.  Portstewart is right up there on the list of courses that are really super posh.  After they took us out to lunch, they said they would be coming to church the next day and we would see them again.
So, we headed off and then did some finding in Portstewart to finish off the day.  And as well as today, we found out that President Uchtdorf is coming to the Belfast Stake on May 22nd.  He is only coming to the Belfast Stake, so we are super excited to invite our investigators and everybody we meet to come and hear him speak. So that is pretty exciting!!

SUNDAY- was really good.  We had our Branch Conference so the Stake Presidency was there and they taught all the lessons,  as well as our American Golfer friends came to church! So it was a really great meeting.  I enjoyed it a lot.  After church, Elder Richards had some District Leader study, and then we headed out to GQ for a bit.  After that, we went to church with 'I'.  It was a pretty good service.  The pastor had actually met missionaries before and they had helped him with a lot of stuff and they had come by for chats a few times.  The pastor really liked us.  He is a really good man! He even has a set of Conference CD's that he found at a charity shop that he really enjoys listening to.  So that was a plus! We gave him our number so that if he ever needed anything, we could help him out.

Well, that was my week! It was pretty awesome! I don't really know how else to describe it! It was also really spiritual as well. An things really culminated with Branch Conference and the Stake President speaking.  Things were just really good.  Well, everybody, talk to you soon!

Till the Work is Done

-Elder Mickelsen

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