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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 21, 2015

Titanic Museum in Belfast, Northern Ireland

At the Titanic Museum in Belfast September 14, 2015
Elders Mickelsen, Blosil, Beckstrand, Penman, and Stanley

Hello All! This week has been really interesting for me.  I started off this week by going to the Titanic Museum in Belfast, which is where the Titanic was built.  It was a really cool experience and I really enjoyed taking a break from missionary life for a few hours even if we still have to wear a shirt and tie.

This week was not filled with a lot of finding.  Both Elder Blosil and I have been sick this week and we have needed the time to recuperate.  It was quite a boring week after Monday.  Tuesday, we had district meeting and Elder Lorimer (You know him at President Lorimer from Martin's Cove) helped us see the importance of family history in missionary work.  It is truly a great finding tool! We used that for a bit and then realized we don't really know anything about family history, se we had to wait until we could do some to use it in our finding efforts. 

Wednesday was ok.  We had all our appointments drop, which really depressed us, but we persevered and went out to knock doors. In the rain. So that was flippin' awesome.  You can always play the sympathy card when you are in the rain.  But we didn't find anyone.  We also taught a recent convert, name Serena, who is rock solid in the gospel.  She is a great lady.

Thursday, when the sickness hit Elder Blosil, we had weekly planning and then he needed to take a break to take a nap.  But hey, it happens to the best of us.

Friday was my birthday.  It was really fun.  Elder Blosil made me pancakes in the morning and we had all our lessons follow through.  We taught a less active name Alice Greer.  We chapped into her on one of my first days here and we have been teaching her ever since.  I actually recently found out that she was originally taught by a guy from my home ward, Tyrel Foster.  So that was really cool to see that link.

We then had dinner at the Bishop's house and they made Mexican food which was super yummy! We had a great time.  And my birthday was good!

Saturday, we stayed in all day.  Elder Blosil was hammered.  But he is ok now.

Sunday was normal.  We went to Church and then went finding.  We got 2 return appointments for this week and I hope they come through.  It's crazy here, but I love it.  That's all for this week!  Boring week, I know, but things are starting to look up!!

-Elder Mickelsen
Cody's in the back right with yellow camera

This is my favorite one! Haha  September 20, 2015

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