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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 14, 2015

Hello All! This week has been full of every possible thing you could imagine! Exchanges, complications, Blitzing and everything else that constitutes the daily efforts of a missionary!

This week was hectic with everything! Starting on Monday, we had P-Day and then we went chapping! Woah! I know, big surprise, right? Anyway, the fruits of Monday were minimal and really put me off for the week.  I began to submit to the depressing feeling that I was wasting my time.  BUT! There's always a but! Upon returning to the flat and seeking inspiration on where we should of the following day, we had some good success.

Tuesday starts as it usually does with District meeting in Belfast.  To all who have no idea what Belfast is, it is the capital of Norther Ireland.  It is also where the Titanic was built.  But I digress.  Anyway, we wake up early and get on a train from Lisburn to head to district meeting.  It is always niche since we travel with the District Leader so we always are on time even if we are a bit late.  District meeting was good.  We were on the topic of personal revelation, which really helped to aid both Elder Blosil and I in the work.  We both needed to seek out ways where we could feel the Spirit more in our efforts to overcome the drought here in Lisburn.  After District Meeting, we went on exchanges.  Elder Blosil went with our District Leader, Elder Thayne, and me with one of my MTC, Elder Plewe.  So Elder Thayne and Elder Blosil headed to Portadown to go finding, leaving two greenies in the same area which was pretty brave.

We taught the family mission plan to a member family to really start getting the members involved in the work and to get them fired up about the Gospel and missionary work.

Wednesday was slow.  We exchanged back and went about our usual business tracting and street contacting.  Or as we say here: Chapping and GQ-ing.  And the rest of the week pretty much followed that pattern.  We had our only investigators inform us of the struggles they were going through and how things just got flipped upside down in their lives and I know this will be the thing that makes them see how the Gospel can help them.

We've also been talking a lot with the members to get them fired up so that is what consumes our evenings!

Saturday was AWESOME!!!  We had a Zone Blitz of Belfast!!  Where every missionary in the zone came to Belfast and we did some really cool finding activities.  I was one of the missionaries participating in whiteboarding, which is where we set up a white board on the street and ask people to write what makes them happy and then we share a gospel message and give them a card or a Book of Mormon.  It was a really great day! I talked to loads of people! Plus, Belfast is so cool.  It's pretty European.  Most of the buildings are older than the United States!

Well, that is my week! I hope you all are having a fantastic week as well! It has been good here and I know it is good at home as well!

Elder Mickelsen
Zone Blitz in Belfast September 12, 2015

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