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Friday, February 10, 2017

January 30, 2017

Well, this week was really good! We had moves call again this week! I feel like we just had it and now we got it again!

So, this week we met with Lisa and Neill. And that was good. We showed the 20 minute Restoration video and then had a discussion about prayer with them. So that was really solid. They had something come up, so they weren't able to make it to church, but we are seeing them again this week.

We also got a pretty solid referral from a member, and we will be meeting with him this Wednesday. Hopefully he will have a baptismal date this week! So that was really exciting! Everything is starting to come out of the woodworks now! And lemme tell you all, PERSISTENCE PAYS. It is really good to start seeing some fruit come from our labors. The light has finally appeared at the end of the tunnel!

So, moves! Elder Milburn moved to Paisley this morning, (which is why this email is so late) and I picked up Elder Sheppard about 2 hours ago. So I will be staying in Dumbarton for another transfer! Elder Sheppard is a good guy! He was in my group as well! So we went to the MTC together! He is from North London.  The future looks bright here in Dumbarton!

Love you all! 

Till the Work is Done

- Elder Mickelsen

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