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Friday, December 16, 2016

December 12, 2016

Well, another week has flown by, again! And it was a relatively good one! We had some really good times this week and it culminated with moves call! So, I'll give a brief run down.

We started with P-Day, and it was pretty chill. I am pretty sure I just slept for most of the day, and that is why I don't really remember it.  I’ve been sick with a head and chest cold and ear infection.

But Tuesday was good. We had our District Meeting, and then we went back to our area to do some finding.

Then on Wednesday, we went over to the Gallacher's house and had dinner, and that was pretty good. We went on splits with them after that and we had a good time. We did some AUF's and then called it a night.

Thursday we were finding all day and then we went with Chris Gallacher in the evening. He is a recently returned missionary, and we invited one of his friends to be taught, but his friend wasn't interested, so he just came out around the town with us in the evening. We visited Colin with him. And we decided to read Alma 32 with Colin and then Elder Milburn invites him to be baptized, and he just goes, "Alright, you convinced me. I'll do it." So now he has got a baptismal date for January 8. But we are not sure he even remembers that he committed to be baptized, because later on in the discussion he didn't really know. Colin is an interesting character. But that was a good evening. Then we called it a day.

We were pretty much finding all day Friday, and in the morning we were in Balloch. And we were in this park and I saw a tree, and I thought to myself, "Mom would like a picture of me sitting in that tree." So I decided I would climb said tree. So I start to climb and realize that it is going to be a bit more difficult than I thought. So I stop halfway up, and straddle the tree. When to my utter surprise, the crotch on my pants straight out explodes. I was like, "Dangit." I had just restitched the trousers like two days before that. So I readjust on the tree and then my trousers rip again. So, I hope you all like the picture. It cost me my favorite pair of trousers!! But I took a picture, and ended up with a rip from halfway down my zipper to about 4 inches below my waistband in the back. And I had to walk around like that for a bit and travel home like that. So that was fun! But the rest of the weekend was good.

We had church on Sunday, and it was really good. Chris reported his mission and the talks were on missionary work. Sunday school and priesthood were really good as well. Then we had lasagna at the Coupers, and then we went and visited another couple and had a really good visit with them. Plus, they gave us a ton of biscuits (cookies). It was awesome! They are really good.

While we were there, we got our moves call. And we are both staying in Dumbarton for another transfer! So that will be good to spend Christmas here. I think this next transfer will be a good one! But anyway, that was my week! Things are good here! It was actually quite warm this week, so that was awesome! Like, almost warmer than June this week! Which, in Scotland, isn't saying much, but it's still saying something. But it's all good here!

Ether 12:4

An Excerpt from the Book of Mickelsen
1 And behold, Elder Mickelsen did desire to up his picture game for his mother, and upon seeing a tree in the wilderness, did climb upon it, thinking it to be the perfect opportunity.
2 But in this he did greatly err, for his trousers were indeed not fit for the task at hand. And upon realizing this fact, he sat upon the tree and heard a great tear, yea, and exceeding great rip
3 And he did sorrow for the loss of his trousers, but being fixed in his mind with a determined resolution to still up his game, he did settle upon a regal pose, and had the picture taken.
4 And lo, when he did dismount from the tree, he found that there was indeed an exceedingly great rip in his trousers, and in this thing was his knowledge perfect. But the photo which had been captured did exceed his expectations, and his joy was full nonetheless.

Love you all!!! 

Till the Work is Done

- Elder Mickelsen

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