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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

October 17, 2016

Elder Milburn and I getting ready for the day!

This past week was pretty good! We didn't have any investigator lessons this week, but we had a chance to work with our members more, and work with some less actives this week. We also went to Edinburgh this week and we had some great instruction given to us by our leaders! It was so awesome!

On Monday, we basically spent the day cleaning the flat. Since we whitewashed in, the last Elders didn't necessarily leave it in the best of state. It was all right, but it definitely needed a good wipe down. So that was really nice. I also played my very first game of chess with Elder Milburn. It is an interesting game... not too sure if I like it or not. Only time will tell. Then we went out finding for the rest of the evening.

Tuesday, we were finding all day, and then Wednesday, we were finding all day until our dinner appointment in the evening with a member family. They are pretty solid. They also made some pretty good tacos. It was glorious. We then shared a spiritual thought and headed out to visit some less active members that we had met on the bus a few days earlier. That was pretty good. They are a really nice couple. So it was good to get to know them.

Thursday, we went to Edinburgh for the All Scotland conference. It was weird going to an All Scotland, and not an All Ireland. But it was really fun! I went back to Edinburgh for the first time since the start of my mission! We were late getting into Edinburgh though, since we had so many trains cancel and all our travel plans basically went down the toilet. Long story short, We planned to arrive at the chapel at 8:30am. We really arrived around 10:00. So that was awesome! But the conference was great! I learned a lot of good things and we were taught how we can be more effective in our everyday work. It was also fun to see all the missionaries that I know! Both in my group, and others that I have served with! It was fun to talk with them! After the conference, we headed back to Dumbarton and hit the hay.

Friday was pretty fun. We were over at the Kirks, and that was awesome! They were rushing, so we just had McDonalds for a Dinner Appointment, but that makes it fun. I had what is called a South African Stack. It was pretty darn good. Now that is something coming from me, a person who normally avoids McDonalds like the plague. So that was great. Then we helped them move some furniture and then they took us back to Dumbarton, where we made spaghetti for a Less Active member since she had surgery on her foot. So that was fun. Then we visited some people and then we headed home.

Saturday was a tad bit monotonous, since we were finding all day and one of our appointments fell through, but it was still fun! I enjoyed it! Finding is pretty fun. I used to dread it, now I love it! 

Sunday, we had Stake Conference and there was a member of the Seventy there. He is from Italy, and I don't really remember his name since it was a big long Italian one. But his talk was really good.  I learned so much in Stake conference. It was kind of a bother since we have only attended Dumbarton Ward once in 3 weeks, but hopefully, we'll get to know the members well enough these next couple weeks. But that was the week. It was pretty great! 

I want to encourage all of you who read this to have a look at Ether 6:5-10, and see how it applies to trials in our lives and enduring to the end. I was reading it in my study this morning, and was trying to think why Moroni was inspired to tell us this bit. I think this is one of the reasons why: The Jaredites had to have immense faith to cross that ocean in what were essentially wooden submarines. The Lord promised he would deliver them.

I think this applies to us as we look at the oceans we have to cross, the depths we will be plunged into, the sea monsters we will encounter, and the mountain waves that will beat upon us. If we are continually singing praises to the Lord and having faith in Him, and if we ENDURE TO THE END, He will deliver us. He has promised multiple times that He will. Why should we doubt this promise? We just need to leave the shore, and we will be guided safely through.

Love you all. Talk to you next week!

-Till the Work is Done

-Elder Mickelsen

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