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Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 22, 2016

Hello again everybody! This week has been lightning! So quick! It was just go, go, go! I am having so much fun! This week was filled with lots of travel, exchanges, and some really good times.  So here we go!

MONDAY- was p-day.  We just did our regular pday thing.  We were supposed to be in Dublin early to get my GARDA card but that was rescheduled to today (Feb 22) So anyway, we emailed and then we went and got hot chocolate, and then we headed back to the flat and we played Star Wars Imperial Assault.  It was a really fun board game that Elder Bates has.  That is how we wasted the rest of Pday.  Then we headed out and did some GQ-ing to finish out the day.  All in all, a pretty good day.

TUESDAY- We had District Meeting.  It was a pretty good meeting.  We talked a lot about the traits we need to be the best missionaries that we can be.  So it was a pretty great meeting.  After that, I went on exchange with Elder McCappin, our district leader.  He is from Australia.  We had to travel all the way down to the bottom of our area for a lesson with a recently reactivated member named, 'C'.  That was a dang long train ride.  Like, 2 hours.  It was crazy.  The lesson went well.  We covered the things we need to do to feel the Holy Ghost more in our lives.  So it was pretty great.  After that, we headed back home, ate some McDonald's and then did some GQing to finish off the night.

WEDNESDAY- was pretty good.  Elder McCappin and I spent the morning in Dun Laoghaire. We were GQing on the pier and we met this guy named 'E'.  He said he would like to learn and that he was available right then and there.  So we took him to a cafe and we taught him a little bit of a lesson.  Then he had a friend show up and we were able to teach her a bit as well.  She wasn't as interested, and 'E' doesn't live in our area.  But we did draw maps of the countries where we live, and everybody was rather impressed that I could draw America and give a rough outline of where the States are.  So that was a plus.  Then after that, we traveled back to Dublin to exchange back.  Then we came back and we had a lesson with 'P.F', a less active.  It went alright.  The Branch President wasn't us to do the self reliance lesson with him, but he really doesn't get much form them, so we suggested trying to teach the missionary lessons again.  So we'll see how that goes.  And that was Wednesday.

THURSDAY- was crazy!! We had to help a member move some furniture in the morning, but we got on the wrong bus since we had the wrong address for them.  So we got on the wrong bus since we had the wrong address for them.  So we ended up taking a few hours to try and find out where we were and to find buses and to get back where we needed to be.  Finally, we made it to them and we helped out.  So it all worked out in the end.  Then afterwards, we headed back to Bray and made some lunch and then did our weekly planning.  Which was pretty fun.  Then afterwards, we taught our English class.  It went pretty good.  We had the students give presentations on topics of their choice, so it went well.  Then we headed home and passed out for bed.

FRIDAY- was okay.  We taught 'C' which was alright.  We aren't' really sure if he wants to learn, or if he is just going for informational purposes.  He has moments that hint to both.  But we are supposed to keep teaching him this week, so we are gonna find out and then make some real progress.  Afterwards, we headed to Dun Laoghaire again.  But it was rough.  I was pretty sick that day, and I was trying to work through it, but I just realized that it would be better to rest than to kill myself in the rain and cold when I was as sick as I was.  So, I regretfully admit that I went back to the flat and took a nap for an hour to finish off the night.

SATURDAY- was awesome.  We started off the day by chapping in an area just next to our flat.  We are starting to get an organized plan of attack aging for this area now.  After that, we had some lunch, and then we GQed main street.  It was pretty happening.  Not any potentials, but it was all good.  We did teach a referral that we received, though.  It was him and his whole family! So we got 8 new investigators on Saturday!  Hopefully the whole family progresses, but we will see how it goes.  After that, we set up the chairs at the church, and then we went and saw, 'T.M.' It was a good lesson.  We read 2 Nephk 2 with him.  That is a dang good chapter.  I couldn't believe how good it was.  It just hit me in that lesson.  Anyway, after that, we headed home for the night after a good day's work.

SUNDAY- We had church, which was really good.  We had some good speakers and some less actives there, so it was a great day.  We also had a really good Elder's Quorum and Sunday School lesson as well.  So church was really good.  After that, we GQed around Bray and then we had a Dinner Appointment at President Bunda's house.  They make some pretty good food.  And we also shared a quick spiritual thought and we were able to talk about missionary work.  It was really rushed since we had to go back to our flat so the Zone Leaders could pick us up and take us to their flat to spend the night to come with us to get my GARDA card. (That is the story for next week).  And that was Sunday.  Well, that was my week!  It was awesome! I love missionary work more and more each day! It is the best! Nothing brings me more joy than to see people coming closer to Jesus Christ.  And nothing brings me more sadness than to see people drift further and further away.  The Church is true, this work is marvelous, and I love every last bit of it!

Til the Work is Done!

-Elder Mickelsen

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