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Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 15, 2016

Another week gone! Holy cow! This past week has been crazy! From talking to people and then finding a very interesting mystery odour in our flat, this week has been crazy! So buckle up and prepare yourselves, here we go.

MONDAY- is Pday.  So, we emailed and then we looked around Dun Laoghaire for a bit.  It is kind of a pain to have to take the train a half hour to the library, but it is a beautiful train ride.  It's absolutely, extremely legit.  So in Dun Laoghaire, we looked at some shops and then picked up some groceries.  Then we headed back to the flat and tried to plan our next Pday move.  Nothing much really came from it, as I am absolutely shattered form traveling all week, so we took a little bit of a rest day. (But now I am hyper as ever, so we are gonna go harder this week!) But Monday night we had a try by, but she decided she really wasn't interested, so we moved her record to the former section and went finding for the rest of the night.

TUESDAY- Low and behold, we went to Dublin!  Again! Thant means I have been to Dublin 5 times in the last 6 days.  It it pretty ridiculous, though.  I do love Dublin.  There are tons of people.  Definitely a good tourist place.  Couldn't live there though.  Anyway, we had our District Meeting, which was pretty good and then we traveled back to our area to go finding like mad.  We also had a lesson with 'A'.  She is the Au pair of one of the families in our brach and she is super solid.  She is from Brazil and is Catholic, but she does like some of the aspects of the Gospel.  We taught her and it was a really good spiritual experience.  It was pretty great  Afterwards, we went to go teach a less active named, 'P.F.'  He is so eccentric.  He lives alone and really likes video games so the branch president is trying to get us to teach the self-reliance lessons to him, so it went okay.  It was weird talking to someone who knows a lot about video games, though.  I haven't had that in a while.  There are a ton of gamers in Bray.  Sometimes it be a bit annoying, but it's all good.  Then after we taught 'P.F.', we did some more finding and chapping in the area and then we headed home for dinner and bed.  I am really looking forward to the sun staying up longer.  This whole dinner at 8 thing is starting to get annoying.  But the sun stays up longer and longer each day.  Woo!!

WEDNESDAY- was okay, we did some GQ-ing in Dun Laoghaire but it was kind of unfruitful.  It was Ash Wednesday though, so there were a ton of people with ash on their foreheads.  It took me a while to figure that one out.  The people here are nicer, but they still don't really want to hear it.  Lots of atheists here.  It's pretty fun.  After that, we went to Greystones and did some chapping then we came home and went to bed.

THURSDAY- We had our weekly planning.  It was fun.  We are sifting through our teaching pool making sure that we prioritize those who are progressing the best.  We want to help these people progress!  After that, we went to a neighborhood to go chapping.  Not many people were home, though.  But, we did get to talk to some nice people and that made the day.  We also taught English again tonight.  We did mock job interviews as well as teaching the students some basic interview and applicant dialogue.  It was a good lesson.  Afterwards, the night was done, so we turned in for bed.

FRIDAY- Today was pretty good.  We went and taught a guy named 'C'.  He is an interesting one.  He has all these questions about things that don't really matter, and it is hard to get hime to focus on the simple doctrines, but we are working with him.  Hopefully, he will start to progress.  After that, we went back to the neighborhood we were in the other day and we finished that off for the rest of the night.  Nothing much to really report for Friday.  Oh, it was Lincoln's birthday though.  So happy b-day, Abe!

SATURDAY- was pretty fun.  We went to Dalkey in the morning, which is a nice little tourist town right on the ocean.  It was really beautiful.  We had a try by of a guy that we found on a teaching record we found under our couch! So that was fun!  We then headed to Eddie Rockets for lunch which is like an American style 50's diner.  It was pretty good.  They have some dang nice sweet potato fries.  We also went to the church to set up the chairs for sacrament meeting.  And then we also filled out the progress record for this week so we would have it for Branch Correlation in the morning.  And we typed out a list of scriptural references for 'A' on the Plan of Salvation.  After that, we stopped home to drop some things off and we smelled it.  The most disgusting, sour, awful smell I have ever smelled.  Upon further investigation, we found out that someone had given us tupperware full of chili before I got here, and that it had somehow come open and had been leaking for who knows how many days.  It leaked through the bag it was in, and all over the floor.  Don't ask why it wasn't in the fridge.  I have no idea, and quite frankly I have been trying to figure it out myself.  Anyway, after discovering the rancid chili juice, we went to the Tesco across the street and picked up some cleaning supplies and cleaned the kitchen.  The missionaries before us had left it pretty disgusting and it was about time for a good clean.  Elder Bates and I came out on top.  We cleaned the heck out of the place and now it feels like a whole new flat.  It's awesome!  Then it was time for bed.

SUNDAY - was great! We had one investigator at church, so that was awesome.  Her name is 'H' and she has been coming to church for along while now.  She really enjoys it.  She just needs to be baptized now.  I also got the chance to meet some more of the members.  We have a lot of nice people in the branch.  It was a good meeting, although the room is tiny-ish, we had a great meeting.  After church, we had some lunch and then went and tried by 'H's house to see if we could meet with her this week.  We met her Dad outside, who is also investigating, and he said he would call us with a time.  Then we did some finding in the area, and headed back to make some calls to finish off the night.  All in all, a pretty good day.

So that is my week! Kinda slow, but still pretty awesome.  Bray is a good place.  I really love it here. Just remember that the Lord has a purpose for everyone being where they are in that exact moment. You never know when someone is noticing you! And something amazing can come from something unknown!  Love you all!

Til the work is done!

-Elder Mickelsen

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