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Monday, April 17, 2017

April 10, 2017

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I forgot to write a weekly update last week! And I have absolutely no idea how I spaced that one. I got on the train to go home and I was like, "Oh man, I forgot to write an update!" So this will be an update from the past two weeks.

Basically the highlight of the past two weeks was that we have made some real good progress with Steven. He is really prepared, and we just finished teaching him all the lessons as of Saturday night (8 Apr). And his baptismal interview is this coming Wednesday! So we are really excited for that! And then, all going well, his baptism is this Saturday! So we are so stoked! It has just been one miracle after another for Steven and we are really excited for him and this next step that he is taking. 

Other than that, there has been a stomach bug going around, so we were house ridden for a day or two, but we had the chance to meet with some people and as well to do a lot of finding. And one thing that I have learned from the past couple weeks is that if you don't read the Book of Mormon, or pray, or come to church often, then you can begin to doubt why you even believed in the first place. BUT! If you begin doing those things, and doing them diligently, I might add, then you can begin to grow closer to God again, and you will know exactly why you believe.

Too many times I have met with members of the church, and they are struggling, more often than not, they are new members, and the simple thing that we tell them is that they need to do some spiritual CPR. Church, Pray, Read. If you do that, you will be absolutely fine. And it is an amazing thing!! And this I know to be true.

Love you all!!

Till the Work is Done

- Elder Mickelsen

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