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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March 13, 2017

This week was really fast! This update is kind of going to be short. I don't really have much to report. This week I moved from Dumbarton to Stranraer! It is on the southwestern coast of Scotland. It is the area where you catch the ferry to go over to Ireland. (It is where I spent my first day in the mission field as a missionary.  We missed our ferry to Ireland so we spent a few hours street contacting in Stranraer until the next ferry came.)  So I am so close!

But this week in Dumbarton was good. I got to go see a lot of the members this week, and I also had haggis this week! It wasn't bad at all! It was actually quite tasty! So now I can say that I have had it! It was kind of bitter sweet leaving Dumbarton, but I think that I am going to like Stranraer.

My new companion is Elder Ritchie. He is from St. George Utah. So I am back to having Utah companions! haha! But something is telling me that I will enjoy it here. 


Love you all!

Till the Work is Done

- Elder Mickelsen

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