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Monday, September 26, 2016

September 26, 2016

Elder McDaniel and Elder Mickelsen
We just met this week during exchanges and are both
from Idaho and live only 10 miles apart!

I apologize for the fans of the earlier system of writing the email, but I am just going to switch over to a highlight reel type email. At least, for a little while.

Most of the time, I just state the highlights and then the rest of the time would be finding and sleeping. So, with that in mind, I will begin to enlighten your minds on the current state of Coleraine, after another week with the Elders of Israel laboring within her boundaries.

So, this week was actually really good. It was moves call week, so there was something to look forward to at the end of the week. It is a really fun time. I really enjoy it. So we taught Lauraine on Monday evening, and then went over to FHE. Where we dominated the quiz! Woo! But Lauraine's lesson was alright. She is a bit closed off and it takes a minute to get her to open up, but we committed her to read the Book of Mormon, and she agreed! So that was awesome!

We also had DM which was actually really good! We had a really big focus on the Book of Mormon, so that was awesome! We had everyone bear testimony of the Book of Mormon, and it ended up being a really powerful meeting! Then we came back to Coleraine and taught Isobel, and that lesson went really well actually. We just talked about the church and her BoM reading and it was pretty solid! She is progressing well!

The next day we got flu shots, and that was interesting. The flappin thing got me sick! But then that evening we went over and saw Trevor, and read, that's right, the Book of Mormon with him. It was really good! We are just finishing 2 Nephi, so that is solid!

Thursday we had BoM class, (see what I mean by having a BoM week?) and that went well. It was just Alwyn, so we only read one chapter, but it was still good. It was Mosiah 4. There are some really powerful things in Mosiah 4. I would invite all of you to give it another read! It is so good!

 Afterwards, we went over and had some hot chocolate with a guy named James, not the investigator James, but the James that just takes us out occasionally. So that was awesome! Had some really baller hot chocolate. It is starting to get cold here, so it's a bonus! 

The next day, we had exchanges with the Derry Elders, and I was with Elder McDaniel. He is from Menan! I can’t believe he lives 10 miles from my house in Idaho! So that was really awesome to have someone that knows the terminology and the area! We had a really good time! Elder McDaniel just finished his first transfer, so he is brand new!

So we taught Isobel, and then we spent the remainder of the day finding! It was awesome! Rained all day! Woo! Rainy season is coming!

The next day we went and saw Katrina and she committed to come to church! So that was some progress, and then we had burgers with her. So that was awesome! 

Sunday, we had church, and that was solid! Katrina came! So that was awesome! She did really well! And then after church we went finding and then we went and saw a lady named Isabel. And while we were there, we got moves call!

I am going to Dumbarton in Scotland!!! It is just outside Glasgow! So I am going to Scotland! It is really exciting! I am really sad to leave Ireland behind, but I am excited to see some more bits of the mission!

But after that, we went over and saw Trevor and read some more of the Book of Mormon and said goodbye! I really have loved this area! Definitely coming back soon! 

But that was my week! It was pretty awesome!! I am excited for my adventurous week this week! It should be really good! Love you all!

-Till the Work is Done!

-Elder Mickelsen

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