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Monday, April 11, 2016

March 4, 2016

Hello Everybody! This past week has been great and definitely a highlight of the week was seeing General Conference!! It was a very good one indeed!! Well, this week's update is going to short (sorry, mom!) This week was a bit slow, otherwise, but things are starting to pick back up again.

I am just going to start with Tuesday now, since all of my Monday summaries are just, "Today was Pday" So, here is Tuesday.

TUESDAY- We had a Blitz in Bray. Our District Leader, Elder Taylor and Elder Perkes came down to help us find some more people to teach in Bray.  I was with Elder Perkes all day and it was really fun! We ended up finding 9 people in total that day, and we ended the night with some burgers at Eddie Rockets.  It was good! Elder Perkes and I even taught 2 lessons: one to a visiting Spanish girl and the other one to 'P.F.'  We taught the Spanish girl all about prayer and recognizing the blessings that God has given us in our lives and we showed 'P.F.' the "Mormon and Moroni" video from the Book of Mormon animated stories.  

WEDNESDAY- We spent most of the day finding.  It is starting to rain here everyday again, and it was weird to see the rain, as crazy as that sounds.  But it was a good day, wet, but good.  We had a lot of lessons from our potentials fall through, so we were kinda bummed about that, but we began to teach a guy named, 'A', and he is pretty cool.  Hopefully he will progress and come closer to God.

THURSDAY-We did our weekly planning in the morning and that was good.  We were able to get that done pretty fast and go out finding.  We also went finding all day on Thursday, as well.  The days just kind of blur together when you're finding all day in the rain.  But hey, such is life in the SIM.

FRIDAY- You guessed it! We spent the day finding.  It was really crazy.  By this day, we were a little worn out, but we kept going.  Nothing much really to report for Friday.

SATURDAY- We went finding until 3:00, then we caught a train down to Dublin to watch the Saturday morning session of Conference, which started at 5:00.  So we headed down there for that and it was a good session.  We were a little tired but the best sessions were yet to come.

SUNDAY- was a really good day.  I really enjoyed the Conference sessions.  We started off by watching Priesthood session, then we watched Saturday afternoon and then Sunday morning.  I still haven't seen Sunday afternoon but I can tell it was a good session.  My favorite speaker by far was President Uchtdorf.  He gave one of the best talks I have heard.  I loved how he talked about building new things, and following God to receive blessings.  My favorite part was when he said that we do not need to do anything to deserve to be rescued.  If we ask, the Savior will rescue us.  That was the best thing I have ever heard.  I realized that all I need to do is ask, and I can be helped.  I have decided to apply this principle even more in my every day missionary labors.  TO JUST ASK! 

Sorry for the short update! I definitely needed the boost that conference gave on the weekend. My favorite quote now is this, "I CANNOT has never accomplished anything. I WILL TRY has wrought wonders." I know that all we have to do is try our best and work our hardest and we will see blessings.  No matter how long we have to wait.  No matter how hard it becomes.  If we keep persevering, we will see the arm of Go and we will be rescued.

Till the work is done.

-Elder Mickelsen

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