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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March 7, 2016

Hello Everybody! Another week has come and gone.  This week was a little slow, so the update isn't very long or very interesting.  Sorry about that, but hey! That's the moves week for you! Anyway, here it goes!

MONDAY- was email and clean day so we did just that.  We emailed and then we headed back to the flat and Elder Bates started packing while I cleaned.  Nothing much really to report.  We also had dinner with a member at a place called Eddie Rockets.  It's like this American style diner, so it was pretty great.  But other than that, nothing much to report for Monday.

TUESDAY- was pretty fun. We did some GQing in the morning and then we headed back to the flat so Elder Bates could finish packing since we had to head to Dublin that night.  We also visited 'P.F.', which was good.  So I made some cookies, Elder Bates finished packing and then we headed to Dublin to spend the night with the Zone Leaders since we have a crazy moves day tomorrow.

WEDNESDAY- was nuts! We got up at 5:30 in the morning so we could take Elder Bates and the other missionaries that are moving to the bus station.  That was an early start.  Then the rest of us that didn't move spent a good chunk of the day taxiing other missionaries around to their individual areas.  Once we had a few minutes of free time, we did a little bit of looking around Dublin.  Dublin is a really nice city.  We went to this touristy shop and I got a hoodie and a shirt.  Then at 5:30 in the evening, Elder Giles arrived.  He was born in Utah and has lived in Arizona for a few years but he and his family have lived all over Europe.  Elder Giles spent most of his life in Germany and England.  His parents are in England now for the next three years.  

We quickly rounded up our stuff and headed back to Bray since we had a dinner appointment with the Rosas that evening.  The dinner went well, they made pork chops and chips.  It was nice.  Then we headed home and absolutely crashed from the exhaustion.  Good day though.

THURSDAY- We had some weekly planning.  Always good doing weekly planning, especially with a new companion.  After planning, we made a stop by McDonald's and got a Shamrock Shake.  Yes, everybody, that is correct.  I had a shamrock shake.  In March.  In Ireland.  It was as awesome as it sounds.  After that, we spent a good chunk of the day doing some finding and Elder Giles unpacked.  Thursday was great.
The Shamrock Shake, in March, in Ireland!

FRIDAY- was awesome!  We did finding pretty much all day and then we had a meal appointment with Tom and John McDaid.  They are really nice guys.  They fed us ramen.  My first Ramen meal appointment.  It was great!  But we just had a really good time on Friday.

SATURDAY- was great, too.  The weather was absolutely fantastic!  It was really warm and sunny in the morning! It was so great!  It made finding so much better but later that evening, we went to the seafront to go GQing and no joke- a giant hail storm hit right as we stepped onto the boardwalk.  It was really crazy!  But it was kind of fun to just stand there and watch people run all over the place seeking shelter.  Gave us a good chuckle.  Then we did some more finding to finish off the night and we called it a day.

SUNDAY- was nice and relaxing.  We had church, which was good.  It was fast and testimony meeting and also Mother's Day, so there were a lot of good testimonies.  Then after church, we went over to the Jackson's house so Elder Giles could Skype his family.  That was really fun.  I didn't Skype though.  I gotta wait until May when it's Mother's Day in America.  After that, we headed back to Bray to have dinner at President Bunda's house.  They made this really good spaghetti stuff.  I have never eaten so much in my life.  Fasting this week made me starving.  It was great.  But that was Sunday!

Well this week wasn't the best in terms of finding potentials,  but we are looking to turn that around in the coming weeks!  People are becoming more hardened by the day!  And we need to work harder to combat that!  The Lord will bless his people.  I know this to be true.

Till the work is done!  Love you all!

-Elder Mickelsen

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