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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January 11, 2016

Hello again everybody!  This past week has absolutely flown by!  I really feel like I just wrote the weekly update yesterday!  I cannot believe how fast things are going!  I actually just received word that it is January now.  I just sat there and thought, "Dang." But time really does fly!  Well, I know you are all probably just itching to hear about this week, (okay, maybe just Mom) but here we go…

MONDAY- was a good Pday.  I took Elder Tolk and taught him how to play snooker.  He picked it up quick and we had a good match, but I came out on top!  Woo!  And then we walked around town just looking at different shops and things that I had never really been before.  It's amazing how much stuff I didn't notice.  Being here for almost 6 months, I thought I had a knowledge of what Lisburn has, but I guess not!  Anyway, it was a fun day.  We ended the night with some pizza.  But it is not anything like the regular good ole American pizza.  O, the day when I eat regular pizza again! Anyway, that was Monday.

TUESDAY- Elder Tolk and I did some finding in the morning and then I went on exchange with Elder Plewe.  Then we did some GQing and chapping all day, so there isn't much to report.  We did find one potential, though, so hopefully we will be hearing from him soon.

WEDNESDAY- Elder Plewe and I were together all day since Portadown was busy teaching, so we got an extended exchange.  It was pretty good.  We did some more finding, and a crazy ton of walking!  We talked to as many people as we could.  People are starting to open their hearts again.  People will briefly stop, if but a moment, and listen to something we have to say to see if it interests them.  I believe this area is going to see a major welcoming of the gospel in the near future.  We exchanged back around 2100 and then we headed to bed.

THURSDAY- We had Weekly Planning, which was pretty good.  I don't really like it because we are sitting down for so long, but I do enjoy setting up an outline for how we want our week to go.  It makes things flow just that much smoother, but after Weekly Planning, we had some lunch and then we went and GQed the nature footpath for a while.  After no success there, we decided to head back into the center of town to talk to all the people there.  On the way, we chapped a neighborhood, and we found a potential named, 'G'.  We set up a return appointment for the next day and then we headed to town.  Nothing much happened there, and then we headed home for dinner and bed time.

FRIDAY- Nothing really happened on Friday finding-wise, but we did teach 'G' and 'N'.  'G's lesson was good.  It turns out she has 2 friends that are living with her, so we were able to  teach all three of them!  They all went to the Belfast Bible College, and are pretty well versed, but they don't use it against us.  They are really good to teach.  They all committed to read the Book of Mormon as well.  It was a pretty good lesson to teach.  We have a return appointment for Wednesday and we have to bring 2 more Books of Mormon because we didn't now we would have three investigators!  Then we went and taught 'N' the Plan of Salvation with emphasis on Temples and things and then we headed for bed.

SATURDAY- was good.  We taught 'T' in the morning, and that was a good lesson.  We showed him the talk, "Faith is not by chance, but by choice", from this past conference.  He liked it.  I think we are getting through to him.  After that, we just went finding for the rest of the day.  So nothing much else to report.

SUNDAY- We had church today.  It was a pretty good service.  We had a lot of good speakers, although, I can't really remember what they spoke about!  We also had a good time talking with the members afterwards.  Then we went finding for the rest of the day and talked to so many people that I lost count.  Then it got really bitter cold, and we went inside for dinner.  All in all, a good Sunday.

Well, that was my week!  Hopefully, all y'alls are having good weeks as well!  Time flies when you're having fun!  Talk to you all soon!

Alma 5:13

A mighty change was wrought in their hearts!  Can ye feel so now?

-Elder Mickelsen

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