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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 2, 2015

Elder Allred and Elder Mickelsen

Hello again everybody!! This week has been really fantastic! It was filled with hard work and success, as well as let downs, but for the most part, we worked ourselves to death this week.  Every night we came in and were exhausted! Bedtime came early every night this week.

MONDAY- Monday was P-Day, as you all know.  And it was really great! We started by emailing and shopping.  We were broke all this week so we lived off of pink lady apples and cereal.  With some good old fashioned chicken goujon wraps! Woo!  This week, however, we get our monthly allowance so we won't have to live off of cereal anymore.  Yay!! We also went and played snooker with the Portadown Elders for the last 2 hours of P-Day.  And then we went over to the Harkness home to teach their family home evening.  Sister Harkness, who was my MTC teacher, was also there and it was really cool to see her!  She was the best teacher!  The lesson went well and then we headed home for bed.  Mondays are always awesome!

TUESDAY- Tuesday was pretty okay.  We had District Meeting in the morning as usual, and it was actually really good.  It got us pumped up to go out and meet our goals.  We had to set a new Standard of Excellence for November because the next time we would meet would be in November.  So that was really good.  We are seeing a ton of referrals come from the Belfast Blitz we did last week but mostly to the Elders in Belfast.  But hey, they are in our District, so that has gotta count for something.  Then we spent the rest of the day trying by people who dropped our appointments.  We had 3 dropped appointments so we pretty much spent the whole day chapping.  So that was awesome.

WEDNESDAY- Wednesday was a really good day.  To start the day off, we met with 'S', a new investigator and gave him a church tour.  Then we taught him a lesson with 'A' as our joint teach.  It went really really well.  'S' had said that he felt something that morning tell him to take us and the teachings seriously and to come and meet with us.  He loved the lesson and accepted the invitation to be baptized on the 12th of December!  It was so great to see blessings come from all our hard work! We did a happy dance in the church after we taught him.  It was awesome!  We then spent the rest of the day doing AUF's (address unknown files) and had dinner at a chippy called the Galley with Sister Kirkpatrick.   It was really good.  The Galley is great!   We then had another dropped appointment after dinner and chapped the night away.  Be we were still in good spirits so we weren't too bent up about it.
This must be after the happy dance! hahaha

THURSDAY- Thursday was weekly planning.  Weekly planning always goes great.  We forgot we had investigators to plan for this week.  So we went over our budgeted time…But it was the opposite of having a problem!  Having investigators is awesome!! We then continued working on the AUF in the afternoon and made some good progress.  We then headed to the Johnson's for dinner and taught another investigator, also 'S'.  He is an eternigator but he is progressing.  We read the Book of Mormon with him to keep the Spirit in his life and make sure that he stays strong.  Thursday was really good.

FRIDAY- Nothing much to report Friday.  We had 2 dropped appointments and we did AUF's for the rest of the day.  So chapping! Woo Hoo!

SATURDAY- Halloween!!! Saturdays are always good.  We went over to the church for coordination and after that we headed to 'T's house to show him a Jeffrey R. Holland talk.  It was the First Great Commandment from 2012.  It was really good.  'T' really liked it.  We are just trying to keep meeting him to encourage him to come to church and become reactivated.  We are so close!  After 'T', we headed over to a guy name 'CW' from South Africa.  He is a former investigator with whom we met for the first time.  He was really nice and open to the gospel and said he would like to learn more.  he also committed to baptism, but we didn't give him a specific date.  It was really a great lesson! After that, we chapped in his area a little bit and then we headed home for dinner.  We had to be to the flat by 6:00 so we took dinner at 5:00 and headed to our ward activity at 6:00.  It was a great activity! We did dunking for apples and we helped the Elders Quorum with the spook alley.  So it was great fun.  Alas, we didn't get any candy, but the members did give us a whole cheesecake, so that is pretty legit!!  Halloween was awesome!  Gotta admit, it was definitely different from what I'm used to, but I loved it!

SUNDAY- Sunday was really good!  It was fast and testimony meeting and the meeting was really good.  The ward just got back from a Temple trip and so all the testimonies were on the Temple and everything.  The whole day was really great!  After church, we did a try by but they weren't home.  Then we chapped on our way over to the Jackson's for dinner.  And we also taught them a lesson.  We gave advice to their son, David, who is going on his mission to London in 10 days.  But that ends my week!

Hopefully things are going well with all of you!  Things are definitely going well here!  I will talk to all of you soon!!

-Elder Mickelsen

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